OK, I’m Interested in Your Homeschool Program

-Now what?

It’s really very painless and simple, although it does take a bit of your time.

Simply call us for a FREE Telephone Assessment!

Toll Free: 1-888-689-4626

FREE Assessment

Our friendly representative will personally assist you by asking a series of questions meant to inform us regarding your student’s specific needs. This process typically takes less than 10 minutes, depending on the situation.

Our representative will, at the conclusion of the FREE assessment, either offer you some suggestions for curriculum purchase immediately (he/she may recommend a pre-packaged curriculum for your student) or may refer your assessment and student evaluation to one of our credentialed advisors for recommendations. If there is a referral to one of our credentialed advisors there will be a delay of up to 48 hours. This delay allows your advisor sufficient time to prepare a follow-up email with a quote containing a list of suggested curriculum materials, textbooks or workbooks (or both), and all other materials for your student’s complete curriculum package.

In-Depth Assessment Process

There may be times wherein a more in-depth assessment interview with one of our credentialed advisory staff members is necessary. If your specific needs require a longer, more in-depth evaluation our representative will suggest setting up an appointment for a one-on-one telephone interview with one of our credentialed advisors. Our advisor will call you within 45 minutes of your scheduled appointment. This interview may take up to an hour of your time and costs $35.00 per student. The $35.00 fee is credited towards the purchase of one of our complete packages. Please, this fee is non-refundable unless we are provided with a cancellation notice, via telephone, at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment. Missed appointments will not be credited nor refunded and a new appointment as well as $35.00 fee will apply.

The Interview Process

If the decision is made for an in-depth assessment; one of our advisors will ask you a series of questions about your child, his/her likes, dislikes, hobbies, favorite subjects, course preferences, etc. The advisor will also ask you about your child’s current courses and about his/her academic progress up to this point, as well as many other pertinent questions about your student and his/her education.

These questions and the answers you, the parent/teacher provide, helps our advisor evaluate academic abilities to determine correct grade level course materials.

You may be asked 20-28 questions that relate directly to your child’s unique learning style. The responses to these questions allow our advisory staff associate to determine the learning style(s) of your unique, individual child.

Using the information gleaned during our interview process with you, the parent, and the student (if old enough), our advisor will put together a special, unique, CUSTOMIZED curriculum package exclusively for YOU and your son or daughter!

Our credentialed advisor will end the telephone call so as to allow him/her the time necessary to assemble your student’s custom package. A short while later you will receive either a return telephone call to go over the choices for your student or the advisor will generate an email quote, containing all the items recommended and will email the quote to you. If necessary, your advisor will apprise you of the materials, content, format and any special instructions regarding the materials. Your email will contain the suggested materials and your final complete package price. You may well be surprised! Why? Because often our packages are much less than our published customized package prices. If the total of the materials in your custom package are priced higher than our package prices – you only pay our package prices – NOT any overages. Very easy to budget is it not? At the conclusion of the telephone call the advisor will e-mail you a quote containing all the materials selected for your child complete with individual prices and descriptions of the materials suggested for your files. That’s it!

Our advisors are here for YOU and your child! Put them to use. Ask them your questions. If they don’t have the answers they’ll get them for you.

Remember, you are never under any obligation to buy from us. Never!