Frequently Asked Questions & Our Competition

Do you offer individual items like an extra reading or math workbook?

Yes, individual curriculum is available for virtually every topic/subject – from simple supplementary materials to complete full-year course materials – to a one semester or summer school course. Click on ‘Shop’ above.

Do I have to return the books when we are finished?

No, the items included in your customized curriculum package are yours to keep. Many of our students prefer workbooks that can be written in; therefore, once used, serve no further purpose.

Do you offer a ‘correspondence’ school type curriculum where you grade my student’s work?

No. You are provided with answer keys or teacher’s manuals. You, the teacher/parent, do the grading and checking of your student’s school work.

I desperately need a ‘cover’ or ‘umbrella’ school to ease the record keeping burden, the State Dept. of Education evaluation, and to allow for a diploma for my student. Where can I go for this?

Right here! In association with Pinnacle School Inc., an accredited, legitimate private school, listed with the Department of Education, we are able to offer students a diploma program. Yes! A real diploma from a real private school. Not a distance learning or home school diploma. A diploma from a school that is able to offer scholarship assistance as well as accept SAT and ACT college test scores. Pinnacle School is accredited and listed as a legitimate NCAA listed high school, thereby assuring credit acceptance by your choice of college or university. Inexpensive, third party record keeping and assistance. Visit Pinnacle School

Do you offer Secular and Christian curriculum. If you do, can we mix the two types?

Sure thing! For a great selection of both Christian and Secular home school materials, just visit our E-store

School starts August 5th and I need my interview and materials right away!

Remember, in most states, you set your school start date…you do not have to begin home schooling the same time frame that public and private schools begin! You must teach the required days or hours for your State (typically 180 days) – but may begin and end when you desire.

What about the Laws in my State?

Visit HSLDA for the most current and up-to-date information regarding your state and homeschooling laws.

What if I’m not satisfied with the materials you send us?

We’re not happy until your student is happy. We allow for a ten (10) day return period. Unhappy? Call for a return authorization #. Pack the items carefully, mark the return authorization # on the outside of the package and ship it back to us within ten (10) calendar days. No problem! A complete refund with the exception of the shipping charges will be either credited or forwarded to you depending on your method of payment. We do, however, ask that instead of you, the teacher, deciding whether the materials are satisfactory, please allow your student to evaluate the materials. Our choices are based on years of experience and feedback from thousands of students. What works well for your student may not be what you expected. Also – and this is unique in the homeschool market Core Curriculum of America has a policy wherein a single course may be exchanged for another course within 30 days as long as the course materials are in new and unmarked condition. That means that if one of our credentialed advisors made an error in selecting what he/she believes to be the best course for your son or daughter, we’ll send you a new course. Now that’s homeschooling made easy!

Do you include teacher’s manuals or answer keys?

Yes, either teacher’s manuals or answer keys are included FREE. These are included beginning with third (3) grade curriculum packages. K-2 elementary level packages do not include keys or manuals. K-2 teacher’s manuals are available as an option only.

Do your courses include tests?

Most of our courses do not include tests. Because of the prominence of test anxiety and the fact that most students view TEST as a bad, “four-letter-word”, we are not proponents of tests. Our experience, and, more importantly, our families experiences, have shown that for most students a test is not a true indication of a student’s abilities. We suggest that our families use the ‘unit reviews’ or ‘chapter reviews’ etc. as found within a course or text as a test and grade it accordingly.