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for all your curriculum needs if "Customizing" isn't what you're in need of.

Core Curriculum's advisory staff and unique, customized program is intended for families in need of "service".

That one-on-one "service" cannot possibly, and is not provided by "Stockrooms" - you know? - typical Internet retailers.

Core Curriculum offers:

 • Free telephone support for the entire year of homeschooling

 • Free Initial Exchange of a Course if it's not ideal for your child

 • Assistance with motivation and help for your student

 • Unlimited Questions and Answers

 • Personal help for your student from a credentialed advisor/teacher

 • Supplies, forms, report card, transcript forms, weekly schedules and more!



School's Back In Session!

Education choices abound!

A new school year is here! - Now, more than ever - parents are considering homeschooling. Homeschool families have increased by 7% each of the last couple years according to a recent study. Parents are rethinking their education options.

With the advent of National Standards, Political Correctness, Gender Arguments, and politics, even more of an increase in homeschooling is looming large. Nearly 2 out of every 3 families we speak to mention the above named reasons for beginning a homeschool endeavor. Many parents are seeing the results of public school education and the effect that issues surrounding public schools have on their child; Bullying, Lack of care for "my child", IEPs not being followed or put into place, political correctness (or incorrectness) rising costs to families, violence on campuses, Common Core issues, and more.

One family called us telling us that they had to pay for their student's textbooks because their school district didn't have the funding necessary. A bill for nearly $900.00 was handed them for books. For a third of that cost we assembled a customized curriculum package.For these reasons and more, like simply TAKING CONTROL of their children's future - families are considering the obvious alternative... a new endeavor into homeschooling. Here you are visiting Core Curriculum of America - Where you'll find both VALUE AND QUALITY in secular (non-religious) home school curriculum - thank you.

The majority of new homeschoolers think that the school year for their home school program should coincide with the exact start and finish dates for their local school district. That's not the case! As long as you meet your State requirements (typically 180 days of schooling) for a given calendar period you can begin and end your school year whenever you wish. With that understanding there's no need to feel rushed - relax - take a deep breath, sit back & evaluate your situation. No stress! Just call us and we'll assist you in assembling your secular (not bible-based - the same kind of materials found in public schools but adapted for use in the home) curriculum needs - when YOU are ready.

Curriculum that is easy to use for both the student and parent yet academically stimulating? No problem! Secular materials containing great educational content and topics for excelling at home? No problem! Is your child one who requires a little help because they may be having some difficulty mastering a specific topic or subject? No problem! Whatever the situation kindly consider Core Curriculum of America or our associate company: Homeschool Supercenter for all your homeschool product needs.

We'll gladly assist you with wading through all the information out there and help you make informed decisions regarding your child and his/her education. It may be that there are problems with your local public school - Or perhaps your son/daughter is not getting the education you desire for him/her - Why not consider homeschooling materials from Core Curriculum of America? - What a concept! Core Curriculum's here to help you!

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